Meetings at the Christ Church Hope Centre at the top of Buckingham Road Tuebrook.

Project dates and times:
9 session between Feb and end of April on Friday afternoons,
2.30 pm – 5.30 pm:
Fri 1 Feb, Fri 8 Feb, Fri 15 Feb,
Fri 1 March, Fri 8 March, Fri 15 March, Fri 22 March
Fri 12 April, Fri 26 April

7 sessions between May and end of July on Thursday afternoons

3.30 pm – 6.00 pm:
Thursday 9 May, Thurs 23 May, Thurs 6 June, Thurs 20 June,
Thurs 4 July, Thurs 18 July (final meeting)

Group poem

The sea is battered and wet
like a forgotten plastic bag in the Mersey,
The sea is panicking,
say your prayers – let the nightmare end.

The sea is as drunk as a skunk.

Fear as cold as the sea,
wishing I would have learned to swim.

The wind slaps the water sheets
I’m piggying on the back
of an old friend,
drenched as a sleep-walking ghost.

Yarely, yarely my heart is broken.

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